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    I started PrisonCraft back in January 2013 as a way for me to make a Server that had what lacked from what I had always wanted from other Servers. We started out as a 30 Slot cracked server and within the first month PrisonCraft had a whole 7 players on, that was back in the time of handmade cells, a free website and just myself as the only Staff Member. I would spend countless hours playing with the original prisoners, building prisons and just doing what I could to make this as much of an enjoyable experience for my players. As time went on PrisonCraft had begun to gain a larger and larger player base of about 18 people, and this was when I was still running the server out of my HP Pavilion Dv7 Laptop 24/7 , until I finally got my first donation from ZachA29, we has the first Delta-Guard ever! But that wouldn’t be enough to keep the server running and with the lag being so intense once that 20 player cap was reached, I decided that it was time to risk all the Donations and get a shared Minecraft host. This would be the first time I switched hosts. The server I got was only 2GB but for the time it would have to last. People noticed the improvements and from there I could focus on other ideas that would make the server what it was. Eventually as the player base grew to about ~25 players, cells would become a huge problem. It always seemed that there wasn’t enough cells for everyone. And that was when I decided that we would need something faster, bigger and large scale. That’s when the /Warp Cells today came from, and since it’s conception there was still a massive rush to get cells, people would wait hours and crowd around an expiring cell just to get a chance, even though there were a total of nearly 200 cells in that area. Moving on, in the coming months /warp shops was erected as well as new Guard warps such as Delta-Guard and Officer. Many of you may remember South_Side, we was an active Co-Warden for about 4 months, but he got tired of Minecraft and decided to leave. I was then left with Dope_Skittlez and PredictableMC. Now I know what you’re thinking, "Eww Predictable”, but at first he was pretty cool but I think the power got to his head and he began to stop following the rules, ECT. Around December of 2013 was our most successful/productive month of all time. We had reached our Peak of just over 70 players on at once! Times were good, but with the oncoming updates Mojang would start making being a cracked player harder and harder. We were losing players until we averaged 30-45 players a day. The forums had come up with the idea of making or adding games to the server. This is where Prison Shankers would come from. But that idea didn’t last too long unfortunately. By this time PrisonCraft had gained enough donations for an upgrade, we went from 4 GB on Laptop, to 2GB Shared, 4 GB Shared and before switching to dedicated a whole 8GB + SSD setup. But people grew unhappy with what was happening with the server, Staff, stuff to do, ECT. I began work on ObsidianPvP in February 2014, in the hopes of bringing some life back into the community. But unfortunately the players were just not coming back. Within 4 months we had gone from 35-40 players to a mere 5-10 players. And to where the server is now 0-2 players. As a final attempt to bring the server back to life, I bid nearly $2,000 on server advertising but was shut out by other servers offering $4,000 - $10,000. That was it. PrisonCraft had had its last breath. We had a great run, from the 10 of thousands of individuals who had joined the server (78,932 to be exact) I had been able to make a few friends along the way, such people as Dope_Skittlez, SpartonxLaser, MostEpicKid, AwesomeChicken47, Chickeninacloset, IanMcBride and PredictableMC. But those weren’t even some of the most dedicated players we have had. Our most dedicated player was CreepyFriend15 with over 1,500 hours alone spent playing on the server, and though I had never had the chance to personally meet her (:P), I wish I would have. We’ve had our up’s and our downs. But like many great servers before PrisonCraft, it would have to come to an end. The 1 and ½ years had been a great experience, I only wish that it could have lasted longer. And who knows maybe in the future PrisonCraft + ObsidianPvP could be brought back. But for now it’s time to shut them down. It was a great time from all the late nights playing, talking on TS, messing about, building and just having the privilege of become such a big community for a time. It brings a tear to my eye’s just thinking about the time we’ve had to together, but it’s time to go down. Good Bye 

 The server will remain open until October 5th.

PredictableMC o I said this over a year ago but R.I.P again
[OvrSer] IanMcBride50426 Yo... Hi.. This is weird and all, but hows anyone that sees this doing?
Bigmoney12321 Rest in peaces... Its been so long yet it feels like just yesterday, I feel bad for the server even with everything that...

Gamemode is back!

[Warden] Peter a posted Sep 18, 14
  Gamemode 1 is back for Delta-Guard's and higher! Sorry for the wait, there were some bugs that needed to be fixed. If you find any bugs please report them to an admin or the owners!
satan343 :C I joined today,didn't get a chance to play (sorry it rhymes) But in the future,who knows?I Might get to play.But...
[Warden] Peter a Sorry about that

Top Voters!

[Warden] Peter a posted Aug 31, 14
  This months top monthly voters are... In First place is TheLordVladekk with 90 votes! In second place is ThermalPanda with 62 votes! And in third place is GameTimeNow with  10 votes! All of these players have shown their dedication to the server and have been rewarded with....
               First Place -  $5 and 50 Points
                 Second Place - 40 Points
                  Third Place - 30 Points

Upgrades are done!

[Warden] Peter a posted Aug 25, 14
     Over the last few days we have been making numerous updates to ObsidianPvP's infrastructure. Here are a few of the many fixes and changes we've done so far:

All server Tele-Ports on the the Navigator compass now function.
- Voting has been fixed across all servers.
- All servers have been moved to their own server. (1 Game per server)
- Money bug/glitches fixed
Factions Nether Portal bug fixed
KitPvP inventory being cleared on join fixed.
- Along with many more bugs fixed!

   You will also be able to directly to connect to any of our servers by using the ip's:

Hub:  Play.ObsidianPvP.Net

Factions: Factions.ObsidianPvP.Net

SkyBlock: SkyBlock.ObsidianPvP.Net

Creative: Create.ObsidianPvP.Net

KitPvP: PvP.ObsidianPvP.Net

Hunger Games: HG.ObsidianPvP.Net

SkyWars: SW.ObsidianPvP.Net

PrisonCraft: Prison.ObsidianPvP.Net

[Delta] kylerfox10 Jesus so much has changed about the server since I stopped playing Minecraft
[Warden] Peter a I'll change it if it makes you guys happy
swirle13 x PrisonCraft
    This months top monthly voters are... In First place is Flashtiger30 with 72 votes! In second place is camronthegreat69 with 23 votes! And in third place is GameTimeNow with  22 votes! All of these players have shown their dedication to the server and have been rewarded with....
                         First Place -  $5 and 50 Points
             Second Place - 40 Points
               Third Place - 30 Points


Now for the EULA: You will still be able to "Donate" for items, however there will be a slightly different process.

1. You will need to buy the amount of Points needed to buy what you need.

2. Select the items you want and add them to your cart.

3. Pay with your Points and you will receive your items Automatically!
TheLordVladekk Oh nvm. I just checked older posts and yes it is.
TheLordVladekk Those Top Voters rewards, are these every month?
swirle13 x i want a pet panda so i can name him thermalpanda and let people abuse him