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     This month our new Guards are.... RyanTheDERP , Dannyrules1235 and Zeratul! These are dedicated players and have been with PrisonCraft for quite some time now and they deserve to be Guards

[Delta] blanco97 XD chicken it was a stick for a second and then peter told me to fix the curse words so i did should be sticky agian
[Office] AwesomeChicken47 blanco there not going to make it sticky unless you edit it and dont use cuss words and make it straight to the point.
[Delta] blanco97 ...

Top voters!

[Warden] Peter a posted Mar 31, 14
    This month our Top voter with 195 votes is Matherwell! For his efforts he has received 50 points and $5! In second place is GetMeOut with 190 Votes! He has received 40 points! And in Third place this month is Creeper_Scar with 101 Votes! He has been awarded 30 points! Thank you to all of our Voters this month! You are a huge support to the PrisonCraft community!
        We will start accepting PrisonCraft Guard Applications at 10 PM Central time on March 29th! We will be accepting Guard applications from March 29th to April 3rd! In other news, we would like to clear up any confusion regarding the Disrespect rule. The shall be followed as such: Disrespect by definition is "Show a lack of disrespect, insult" . In game this means is you are using any profanity towards another Prisoner and Guard. Now, everyone does have their own opinion on certain players and or Guards and that is fine. If you are having a problem with a Guard then please take the time to create a Guard report and if you have a problem with a player then please send Peter a private message and we can deal with him/her from there.
chasingunicorns What time will it be posted?
[Warden] Peter a We will now announce our Accepted Guard applications on the 3rd!
cupcake22 I hope I get the Guard rank.
     Today marks the 1 Year anniversary of PrisonCraft! A little over a year ago I started PrisonCraft with the small hope of getting somewhere. And with the help of everyone at PrisonCraft I feel like I have achieved just that. Since the beggining PrisonCraft has grown progressively and at one point had over 78 players on! To show our appreciation there is now a coupon in our donation store for 25% OFF! the coupon will Start at 10 Pm March 19th and will end at 12 AM on April 1st! THANK YOU!
                  Coupon Code: OneYear  


MADjohny happy year ...
[Warden] Peter a Nothing here ._.
[Delta] blanco97 Lol < this is all i gotta say

Rank update!

[Warden] Peter a posted Mar 9, 14
Riot-Guards are now able to Rank-up to Vip-Prisoner! The current price is set to $10,000,000.

*This has been removed and is no longer available.
Rogath People, calm down, it is removed. : )
Blur_of_Yogscast Peter can u reset my my acount passcode
[Office] samtoje9 Peter you dont seem to realize that us officers COULD get 10 mil in like a day and then give it away....
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