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Over the past few days, I personally have recieved 5-6 messages regarding if you can get your previous rank from 2013-2014 PrisonCraft. The FINAL answer to this is NO. With name changes, and many new players we have seen this would be in a way unfair and an un-organized way of going about the Server release. 

- If you guys have any more questions regarding this topic, by all means message a Warden.

Request for refunds, or disputs about this topic will be ignored!


[Warden] Justin a posted Wed at 7:45

What does Cracked mean?

Cracked means that you can login to our Server without having a paid version of Minecraft!

When you get in game simply type the command /Register Password Password and you're set!

Why'd we do it?

PrisonCraft has returned to its cracked state once again. We're hoping that this brings back many valuable players that we have been missing, not to dispite all the fun that can come with playing with an alt. Account :p

Problems so far:

- Noticable Problems -

- Everyone has their premium version ranks, however due to some weird permission errors you will need to be added back to that said group.

- Inventorys have been reset, however if you have donation Items, including MCMMO let a staff or Warden know Asap and we can get that situated for you.

- Small Problems -

- Some region errors, simply have someone add you back to that region if you're the owner.

* If you need help obtaining a cracked launcher, message Justin on Website *

** Any other problems need to be reported to a Warden **

R.I.P edster645 It's 4 year. ;')
[Guard] DaGeek247 the max-prison mine doesnt spawn emeralds.
poisoniv9953 x i was riot can i have that back