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Drugs are back!

[Warden] Peter a posted Tue at 16:30

After much anticipation... drugs are back! The current drugs include:

- Acid, Caffine, Cocain, Cyanide, EcstacyMarijuanaMeridum, and Meth. Enjoy! The black-market has been introduced as well!


[Warden] Peter a 10/10 would not recommend.
blackout1124 Ya now I can snort coke off a sword

Guard Applications!

[Warden] Peter a posted Sun at 21:38

We were astounded by the sheer amount of applications recieved and after much consultation we are glad to announce that SpitDarkness was chosen to become our newest Guard! As many of you know SpitDarkness is and has been a dedicated member of the PrisonCraft community and by far deserves the position the most. Thank you to everyone who participated, Guard applications are now closed and will open again sometime within the next month.

               Congratulations Spit!

CreepyFriend15 Yaaay Congrats spit you deserved it
[Guard] SpitDarkness Thank you very much!

For anyone that is interested, we now have a discord running!