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Another Change!

[Warden] Peter a posted 14 hours ago
* You will need to use the IP: Play.ObsidianPvP.Net and use the Portals to get to the PrisonCraft server.
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[Office] H4ZExGAMING Kidz you are not aloud to ban someone on the website only admins can do that
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[Warden] Peter a posted Tue at 1:32
We have successfully moved hosts! Our new IP is:                                                                                Prison.ObsidianPvP.Net  

Please report any bugs to the Owner and or Staff to have them fixed immediately

- Gamemode 1 has been removed from PrisonCraft temporarily due to a bug.

* You will need to use the IP: Play.ObsidianPvP.Net and use the Portals to get to the PrisonCraft server.
[Warden] Peter a Ohhh nice ...
[OvrSer] AwesomeChicken47 For updates of when the authentication server is back up, use as it updates live. ...
[Warden] Peter a All MineCraft servers are under authentication maintenance.


[Warden] Peter a posted Sun at 15:51
  BEFORE YOU LOG OFF TODAY OR ANYTIME BEFORE 7AM ON JULY 28TH PLEASE STORE ALL OF YOUR ITEMS IN YOUR INVENTORY, IN YOUR CHEST KEEPER! Due to recent tests I have concluded that all of your items in your inventory WILL be deleted!
[Warden] Peter a Sorry for the wait, the files are taking forever to be sent to the other server. It should only be a little longer.
[Admin] MostInfamousKid Well we are not going to beg you to look at the website sir as a player you should frequently check on the website for c ...
like2omg Looks like I lost items because I didn't see this message -_-
    It's Official! PrisonCraft is going to be under taking some very important changes! Some of you may not like some of the changes that are going to be happening but these changes must be done sooner or later whether we all like it or not. On July 28th the following changes will be made to PrisonCraft and ObsidianPvP:

- A few PrisonCraft rules will be changed.
- The PrisonCraft IP will be changed to Prison.ObsidianPvP.Net (Most Likely)
- PrisonCraft will no longer be a Cracked Server! Premium Only!
- PrisonCraft will receive more RAM and will have overall better Performance.
- The Website may change simply to PrisonCraft.Net
- PrisonCraft will be updated to 1.7.10
- Passwords will be removed!
- Portals will be built in and linked between PrisonCraft and ObsidianPvP for easier access to all of other games and servers.

 The updates will take some time to complete. (Estimated 6 hours)
- Inventories may be lost (On the 28th please take screen shots or record. If you are worried, this most likely will not happen)
- Entire accounts may be cleared (UUID's really mess things up)
- The server will be online until 11:59 PM on the old IP (PrisonCraft.McServer.Me). 
- ANYTHING YOU DO AFTER 7 AM CENTRAL TIME ON THE 28TH WILL BE LOST. (This is when the files will begin being transferred)

   Thank you, to all of those who have stuck around with us for all this time!

*There will be a Server "Refresh" sale starting the 28th for 25% Off all items on PrisonCraft and ObsidianPvP! (More details soon)
FunGhoulRyan Frick. When I was talking to DoPe last night he said about inventories so I screenshotted my important things But I wa ...
[Office] SpitDarkness I'm soooooo Gonna record every single of my shit o-e
[Warden] Peter a I was planning on waiting until like the 30 th. But ok ...
    As many of you know we now have a Hub server (ObsidianPvP) and I have been having a lot of trouble connecting the PrisonCraft server to the Hub. After weeks of getting support and trial and error I have came to the conclusion that it just simply does not work in the configuration of the servers I have currently. Unless I was to block you guys from directly connecting to PrisonCraft using the ip PrisonCraft.McServer.Me . Now I wanted to get your opinions on these changes in order to get PrisonCraft connected to the Hub server...

- Remove the Ip, PrisonCraft.McServer.Me  and replace it with  Prison.ObsidianPvP.Net
- Portal will be added in game to go to ObsidianPvP, and vice versa
- Server has to change from being Cracked to Premium (No more passwords)
- Server may be moved to dedicated (Less Lag, Better Performance)

* Now this website and everything will still be here and all of your ranks and what not will remain on the server, you will not lose anything. 

Please comment below and vote on our poll:  Poll
[V.I.P] joseaperez is he mentally retarded or something ?
[V.I.P] HolyHell I would advise against it but it appears that Peter has already made his decision.
South_Side Griefing dope_skittleZ spawn c-prison b-prison a-prison elite-prison max-prison delta+prison riot+prison guard+prison of ...
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