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    As many of you know we now have a Hub server (ObsidianPvP) and I have been having a lot of trouble connecting the PrisonCraft server to the Hub. After weeks of getting support and trial and error I have came to the conclusion that it just simply does not work in the configuration of the servers I have currently. Unless I was to block you guys from directly connecting to PrisonCraft using the ip PrisonCraft.McServer.Me . Now I wanted to get your opinions on these changes in order to get PrisonCraft connected to the Hub server...

- Remove the Ip, PrisonCraft.McServer.Me  and replace it with  Prison.ObsidianPvP.Net
- Portal will be added in game to go to ObsidianPvP, and vice versa
- Server has to change from being Cracked to Premium (No more passwords)
- Server may be moved to dedicated (Less Lag, Better Performance)

* Now this website and everything will still be here and all of your ranks and what not will remain on the server, you will not lose anything. 

Please comment below and vote on our poll:  Poll
[V.I.P] joseaperez is he mentally retarded or something ?
[V.I.P] HolyHell I would advise against it but it appears that Peter has already made his decision.
South_Side Griefing dope_skittleZ spawn c-prison b-prison a-prison elite-prison max-prison delta+prison riot+prison guard+prison of ...

Top Monthly Voters!

[Warden] Peter a posted Jun 30, 14
     This months top monthly voters are... In First place Petalonbeigne with 44 votes! TIED in second place is matherwell and Flashtiger30 , with 25 votes each! And in third place is Chupakbraz with 14 votes! All of these players have shown their dedication to the server and have been rewarded with....

                First Place -  $5 and 50 Points
                   Second Place - 40 Points
                     Third Place - 30 Points


South_Side Password? Change I got cant login....
South_Side Co-Warden South_Side too Are Here Stuff hold My God Unbanned means SpitDarkness one this private
[Office] SpitDarkness Lol I know Petalon irl boi that aint your alt soldier <3

The Hub server!

[Warden] Peter a posted Jun 6, 14
             The Hub server is officially up! Join at
We offer many awesome servers with great staff to help you have a good time every time you join our servers!

Our server are listed below:

- SkyBlock
- KitPvP
- Factions
- SkyWars
- Hunger Games
- Creative

For limited time all items in the donation shop are 35% OFF!     Http://ObsidianPvP.Net                                                             

[Admin] MostInfamousKid cracked server equals too many problems. ddosing, hacking into accounts and ddosing and ddosing and hacking into peoples ...
[Warden] Peter a If you have suggestions post them on ...
[OvrSer] AwesomeChicken47
AwesomeChicken47 @ PrisonCraft
0 subs ...
    PrisonCraft is currently being worked on in order to be linked to the Hub! Sorry for any inconvenience and we will be back shortly!
[Office] Articnightmar3 Chill Duhh_Boss! They are working on it!
[Guard] Duhh_Boss HOw shortly?
      As many of you may or may not know. I have been making a new Server! This new server will be connected to PrisonCraft and will add 6 new games! The new server is called ObsidianPvP and it will be released on 6/6/14 ! If you want to be a part of ObsidianPvP go to ObsidianPvP.Net! And we will be starting the beta testing!

[Drug] gizmodorner YAY RELEASE TODAY!!!!
[Delta] tribunsofdestiny I looked for a server called "Obsidian PVP" and it turns out there was one but is now offline so I think Peter ...
[Drug] gizmodorner i am keeping my fingers crossed that this will bring attention to prisoncraft! lol we need more freshies.
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