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PrisonCraft Discord!

[Warden] Peter a posted 15 hours ago

For anyone that is interested, we now have a discord running!

Grand Opening Sale!

[Warden] FluentMC a posted Thu at 15:30

To thank you all for the Support everyone has been showing PrisonCraft Staff, and the server alone these last few days, we would like to provide you guys with a coupon code, 'GRANDOPENING' in the Donation Shop for every Item 25% off. Enjoy!

This Code will remain active until : July 28th,2016

Due to the daily increase of Community Support on our first few days back, us Admins at PrisonCraft would like to give back in doing so, Guard Applications will be open, starting today for Three(3) day's only! So make sure you get them submitted. Again, we here at PrisonCraft want to thank YOU for continuous Support since the launch of the Server.

On Another Note...

Kits! Kit's were introduced into the server, as I have personally come across multiple player based Requests. Kits can be found in Donator Ranks located in the Donation Shop, please note that these vairy from Rank to Rank, and you can NOT buy them Separately.