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New Application Format

Justin x posted Sep 10, 16

Applications for Medic & Guard have been re-done. This being said you now submit a Application by creating a thread located here: Application's

Make sure you follow the format, and just as usual an Admin will comment on your application with any concerns or questions. Along with approving or rejecting applications.

If you guys have any questions let me know in the comments or PM me. -Justin

Alex x Looks good.


Justin x posted Sep 5, 16

Introducing Medic!

As many have wanted a more in depth RP experience, Medic is now in place!

Medics will play multiple roles in PrisonCraft such as:

- Feeding Players [ /Feed Player ]

- Healing Players [ /Heal Player ]

- Checking players Blood / Health

- Checking players Hunger


Medics will have a personal Warp [ /warp Medic ]

Here you will have access to many supplies needed such as:

- Medical Marijuana

- Colored Armor to identify you're a medic

- A few potions

* More to come in the future! *


As a Medic you will receive many perks to get the job done, including:

- /Fly [To get to the job quickly!]

- /Heal & /Eat

- /God [To ensure you do not get killed!]

- Access to every warp, except donator warps

** Medics can not PVP! They are encouraged to stay in God at all times! **

** If you are a Medic and get killed report to a Staff right away! **

** 3 Hour Tempban for killing a Medic **

How to Apply:

Medic apps are open here: Medic Application

These will switch out monthly between Medic & Guard App's.

 ** Two Medics will be chosen! **

Medic App's will remain open until September 15, 2016!

- Medic is only obtainable through acceptance of Medic Application -

[OF+] JackFlash2004 question can a medic pvp in /warp PVP Just wondering
Amazify Sooo you can feed any prisoners and heal any prisoners? and how can you check their health and hunger? thanks :d